Young Stock Meal

  • Specifications for this concentrate are as indicated in table (A)
  • It is designed for young Dairy heifers from about 6 months to one year or just before first service ( Bulling heifers)
  • Over this age, Dairy heifers are put on Young Stock Meal soon after withdrawing Calf Early Weaner Meal to ensure steady growth and development into productive Dairy cows.
  • Each heifer gets 2-3 kg Young Stock Meal per day, depending on age and availability of quality fodder.
  • The concentrate is formulated from Cereal Grains, Maize Germ Meal Maize Germ, Cotton Seed Cake, Wheat Bran, Sun Flower Seed Cake, Corn Gluten Feed, Limestone, and Cattle Salt.  It is also well balanced with trace Minerals and Vitamins to ensure high fertility o heifers.
  • Package - 70kg, 20kg and 10kg bags
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