Animals Feeds

We stock Dairy Meal and Calf Early Weaner. At Tarime Suppliers we We also manufacture products targeting goats and cattle in dry areas . Read More...

Poultry Feeds

We stock and produce Poultry feeds for chicken meant for production of eggs and chicken meant for meat production.For layers, the company manufactures Chick Mash, Growers Mash and Layers Mash, Read More...


We stock and Supply Cereals  of the highest quality around Kenya and East Africa only from reputable Grades and of the highest nutrional Value. At Tarime Suppliers Ltd we know what you need. Read More...


We support the work of our customers with free consultation in the following scopes:


-          Optimizing of feed recipes,


-          Feeding consultation,


-          Handing management and technology experiences over to our customers,


-          Consultation on animal health problems,


-          Laboratory examinations of raw materials and compound feeds,


-          Giving feed mill technical assistance.




Our well-prepared specialists, with practical experiences help our customers to find the best mutual professional answers to the questions arising during production. In addition, they share their experiences with colleagues during in-service trainings, conferences and professional meetings and practices.

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